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10 Mrz 2022 10:43

März 2022 -Bernd Michael Land / Interview (Part I & II)

Bernd Michael Land / Interview mit Rofilm-Media (Part I)
This series of talks with successful and interesting people from the music-sound-producer-promoter scene has the motto “Learning about and learning from”.
Rolf´s guest is the German electronic musician, composer and sound artist Bernd-Michael Land.

Content and Timeline of Part 1:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:04 Introducing Bernd-Michael Land
0:01:29 There is no bad music
0:04:30 Workflow
0:07:07 Making Music Today
0:10:12 VST vs. Hardware
0:13:48 Making a Living from Music
0:17:43 Real-World References
0:22:36 Trends, Vintage and Tape
0:24:34 Preview of Part 2

Interview mit Rofilm-Media (Part 2)

Content and Timeline of Part 2:
0:00:00 Working With Tape Recorders
0:00:05 Tape Simulation Software
0:01:30 Studio Organisation and Studio Technique
0:03:04 … in music is everything allowed …
0:04:17 Text, Music And Politics
0:07:13 “Begegnungen” – Encounters
0:08:23 Day Job vs. Fulltime Musician
0:11:40 How to Start Making Music Today?
0:15:39 Downloads vs. CDs and Total Works of Art
0:21:24 What about Cassette?


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