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03 Jun 2020 18:05

Das neue Album: Bernd-Michael Land -Slowing World

Wie so oft kommt manchmal etwas dazwischen und aus Mai wurde Juni …
Das neue Album „Slowing World“ ist jetzt endlich im Presswerk (HOFA) gelandet und wird dann Ende Juni hier eintreffen.
Anm.: keine selbstgebrannte CD, auch dieses Album ist wie immer vom Glassmaster gepresst und mit hochwertigem Druck / 4/4-farbig versehen.
Neben 74 Minuten chilliger Musik gibt es ein 24-seitiges Booklet dazu.

Ab sofort kann die CD auch hier ganz offiziell vorbestellt werden, einfach eine Mail an synxxs“ÄT“aol.com senden.
Der Preis beträgt wie immer € 15,00 zzgl. € 2,00 Versandkosten.

01 Mai 2020 15:32

Chimera of a New World

Chimera of a New World
Ambient Jam

An improvised ambient/electronic collaboration between 11 European + 2 North American artists.
I have also worked on this project.

Chimera of a New World (Bandcamp)

From Marco Billi aka jarguna:

With this period of global unease, I decided to gather as many artists as possible to create a kind of Ambient Jam session, to spread a solidarity message between various countries and peoples.
With this idea, a mammoth track was born, each of us expressing ourselves freely, playing our favorite instrument, for the desired length of time.

16 Apr 2020 17:13

Aus der Presse: Beruhigende Klänge in unruhigen Zeiten -FAZ 16.04.2020

Ein neuer Artikel in der FAZ

04 Apr 2020 10:53

Luminale 2020 F025 / Hyperreal Reflection -4th movement

Luminale 2020

The project „Hyperreal Reflection“ by musician and sound artist Bernd-Michael Land thematizes the industrial revolution that began in Europe in the mid-18th century and was to change the world.

„Die Fabrik“ in Frankfurt/Sachsenhausen was one of Germany’s first industrial oil factories. This makes it a prime example of industrialization, which progressed at breakneck speed and led to enormous changes that were to affect all areas of life. Land’s electronic sound sculptures engage with the phenomena of this „machine age“ and additionally visualized by Claus Jahn’s computer animations.

Land collects ambient and machine sounds and processes them into a dialogue with sounds from electronic synthesizers. The various sound works thus enter into an inter-medial relationship and merge into a new hybrid reality in sound, space and time. The analog electronic synthesizers represent the essential core in the creation of sounds and are his medium for creativity and communication. Land generates abstract soundscapes and acoustic artefacts from different sources on stage in the vaulted cellar, augmented by the visualizations of Claus Jahn.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

26 Mrz 2020 11:18

Video: 07.03.2020 -Bernd-Michael Land / Mitschnitt vom Livekonzert im Maximal Rodgau

Kurzer Mitschnitt des Livekonzertes am 07.03.2020 im MAXIMAL
63110 Rodgau, Eisenbahnstraße 13

21 Mrz 2020 11:24

Video: 12.03. / 13.03.2020 -Bernd-Michael Land & Claus Jahn / Luminale 2020

Bernd-Michael Land & Claus Jahn
Hyperreale Reflexion -4th Movement
Part 1 bis 5

Luminale 2020 / Electronic Ambient Music
Livbe aus der Fabrik, Kulturwerk Frankfurt


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