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28 Jul 2018 14:43

close up der Woche #30/18 -EMS Synthi E / Vintage Analog Modular Synthesizer

10 Mrz 2018 08:25

close up der Woche #10/18 -EMS Synthi E

09 Sep 2017 17:13

close up der Woche #35/17 -EMS Synthi E

20 Apr 2016 08:07

SynxsS Studio News #254 -Studiotour mit Ralph Baumgartl / Teil XIII -EMS Synthi Logik + SynthiE

07 Mrz 2015 10:48

close up der Woche #10/15 -EMS Synthi E

EMS Synthi E 44

05 Feb 2015 19:31

4-Sale: EMS Synthi-E

4-Sale: very rare EMS Synthi E -unrestored.
The Synthi works, but the unit need service and calibration.
I find not the time, to remove completely the adhesive tape on the frontpanel (dymo-tape with braille).
The synth comes from a blindschool and was many years not in use.

EMS SynthiE 01

EMS SynthiE 02

EMS SynthiE 03

EMS SynthiE 04

EMS SynthiE 05

EMS SynthiE 06

Here is a pic of my other Synthi E -complete restored and in good a perfect workin condition.
For a better work with other synths and sequencer we change the old minibananas to 3,5mm monojacks.

EMS SynthiE 07

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